Aradan Faenalore

A High Elf Rogue/Sorcerer and former Councillor of the Arcs.


Long, silver blonde hair. Silver eyes. Wears a rogue outfit underneath and sorcerer cloak on the outside. 6 ft 2 tall.

Charismatic and Vengeful.


He is the father of Arines Faenalore. He lived in a small village along with his wife and Arines (who was still a child at that time). Until one day Orcs raided the village and killed his wife. Aradan escapes with Arines safely towards a monastery where Arines grew up and trained there.

A year later, the Arcs were under attack from the inside and Aradan had to disappear to help the other Councillors, leaving Arines in the monastery. He was then never heard from again.

Until one day, the Travelling Misfits met him. During that time, he was known as ‘The Silver Fox’. And Arines, who was in the party, reunited with her father. It seemed that he still has vengeance against the Orc who killed him named, Krosh.

Arines and Aradan eventually found Krosh but revealed a devastating truth about what happened to Arines’ mother. Aradan was a racist coward who hated the Orcs and his actions caused the Orcs to raid his village and killed his wife. All his life, he blamed Krosh and was too afraid to admit that it was his own fault.

Ultimately, Arines sided with Krosh and did not forgive Aradan for what he had done. They worked with Krosh to take down an evil Orc Necromancer. Eventually, he was defeated, but at the cost of Aradan’s life.

He sacrificed himself to save Arines and the party and in the end, redeemed himself.

Aradan Faenalore

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