Ivan Gladstone

A handsome young man who is an inventor and sole proprietor of goods and services.


Slicked back auburn short hair. Light blue eyes. Wears fancy blue clothing with gold outlines. 6 ft tall.


Hello there! Looks like I have to write my own biography for this. ahem

My name is Ivan Gladstone. Sole proprietor of goods and services for travelers and adventurers. Pleased to meet you. I see you’re curious about how I became a soleprorietorofgoodsandservicesfortravelersandadventurers.

Well, it started off when I was a little boy. Well-mannered, of course. My parents were not wealthy. They had poor jobs and couldn’t afford to feed me. Then I had to take care of myself! Until one day, I saw a group of adventurers, trading gold for goods that benefits them. I had an idea: To become the best soleprorietorofgoodsandservicesfortravelersandadventurers!

At first, I had to “borrow” some books and began learning on how to invent, enchant, so on so forth. And after many years, I built my own servant and loyal friend: Kal.

I built him to look like a creature with two hands and two feet. He has a tail built because he can use it to “hang” around. HAHA!

Anyways, I began searching for rare goods, creating weapons and enchanting magical items. I traveled from Savori to T’van in search of a group of adventurers and make them my great customers.

So far, I had one group… until they dropped out on me. But now I found another!

Ivan Gladstone

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