A human sorceress and Councillor of the Arcs.


Human with long brown hair. dark green eyes. Wears red sorcerer robes. 5 ft 6 tall.


One of the Councillors of the Arcs. She first studied about magic when her parents discovered her unnatural source of arcane power. She was then sent to Ocrane Castle to learn magic. After many years, she rose into the ranks of being from a student to a councillor. She is close friends to one of the councillors named Aradan. She also has an apprentice named il’Vashar. After the fall of the Arcs, her apprentice stayed behind to protect her while he escapes. She is now in exile, hidden.

The Travelling Misfits found her in the south of Savori, in the snowy mountains. There, she was back to being a Councillor of the newly formed Arcs.


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