A young elf woman who is a part of the Mai'ne tribe in T'van.


Long, dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Wears a dark green tribal monk outfit. 5 ft 5 tall.

Will do anything to achieve her goal.


She’s the daughter of the Tribal Leader, Sab’nar, and sister to E’taar. She is hardworking and a quick learner. Everyone in the tribe loves her and she would do anything to protect her people.

When Talem came to the tribal village, she became eager to learn magic and became the best magic user other than her brother. She argues a lot with her brother when it comes to decisions being made for the tribe. Her father would be the tie-breaker.

She is currently the favourite child of Sab’nar.

When Talem disappeared, she met with the Travelling Misfits and asked them to help find Talem. Once they found Talem, the party has to find an artifact known as ‘The Tablet’. They succeeded on finding it and Syndra helped the party to escape. She wanted to stay and protect her people, but was pulled into teleportation by the party.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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